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How can the answer be improved? WorkTime is a family of products developed for Internet, computer and employee productivity monitoring. WorkTime is on the market for 15+ years. Wwe2k15 more.

Work Time Calc Manager is a revolutionary time clock calculator intended to make work hour management easier than ever before. Meticulously crafted to eliminate timekeeping issues the software is an easy, effective and efficient solution for employees to keep work hours in check.

Issues like improper time inputs rear their heads from time to time. Correcting these issues equates to loss of invaluable work hours for both the involved parties: management and employees. This is where Work Time Calc Manager steps in. By bringing Work Time Calc Manager into the big picture, you kiss all such issues goodbye. The software couples comfort and convenience with its 7-14 minute time departure window.

This feature allows the user to save up to 24 hours of work time each year. With the unconventional approach to time tracking introduced in this software, you get a chance to take convenience to new heights. The impressive interface shows time calculations for 5 areas: Start Time, Lunch Start, Lunch End, Work Hours and Departure Time.

The user can enter any 4 out of the 5 fields and time calculation for the areas listed above will be automatically calculated and displayed. In short, this software will give you the proper time keeping information you need! Make your time entries simple and easy.


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